Job Basics

Job Basics

Jobs are where you keep track of the work you're actually going to do for a client - is is basically your work order.

The job contains everything you and your employees need to know, including customer and property information, a map, scheduling information, the services and products being provided, any visits that have been assigned, notes, time tracked and more.

There are two kinds of jobs in jobber:

  1. One Off Jobs: jobs that you're going to do once, either on a specific day or over a range of days — building a deck or patio, painting a house or doing HVAC/Electrical work for example.
  2. Recurring Contracts: jobs that you're going to do periodically over a specified period of time — lawn maintenance for a year for example.

One Off and Contract jobs can be created in two main ways in jobber:

  • Based on a Quote: A Quote can be converted to a job if the work is won, which will automatically copy over any information from the quote, eliminating duplication of entry. You can convert a Quote to a job by clicking 'Convert to job' in the Quote Actions menu.
  • Without a Quote: A job can be created from scratch and all the information input manually by clicking New job from the Quick Create menu on the Dashboard, from the Actions menu on any Client Summary page, or from the jobs area under the Work navigation section.

Job List Page

The jobs list can be found in the Jobs area under the primary Work navigation section.

The jobs list shows you all the jobs you've ever done for your customers, and can be filtered and sorted to show you only the jobs you're interested in. The sorting and filtering options can be found directly above the jobs List.

Any existing job can be opened and modified as needed to add or remove line items, track notes, and schedule visits. Print, Edit and other job Actions (covered in another section below) are available at the top of every job.

The sidebar on the right gives you a quick overview of all your jobs and the status they are in. Clicking on one will filter the job list for you.

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